Kansas City Story

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Kansas City Story, Vol. II, features fictional stories set in iconic locations throughout the sprawling Kansas City metroplex.

Spanning both sides of the Kansas/Missouri border, Kansas City boasts more fountains than Rome, more boulevards than Paris, and lays claim to the title of Barbecue Capital of the World.

Our story tour spans eras and settings from Union Station--where bullet holes attest to the 1933 gun battle between gangster Pretty Boy Floyd and local law enforcement--to the trendy Power & Light District.

Cowtown, City of Fountains, Paris of the Plains, Jazz Capital of the World, Home of the Superbowl Champions--Kansas City's story is all of that and so much more!

Praise for this book

The stories in this anthology are fun and interesting. Several make me want to see old places I've been and new ones I haven't yet visited. A great book for visitors, guests, and long time residents of the area.
This was a good read. Having grown up within 50 miles of KC I was familiar with some of the places. Fun and different book.