June 27, 2024
What's up?

June was a busy month for me.... Went to conference, on Vacation, work hell and long story short, life happened. Today I am struggling with several things. One: getting old. Need to sign up w SS dept for Medicare A&B so there's that. And I want to take a walk before the sun gets too high, trying to get in more steps daily even got a new phone that counts steps. I also have started a new weight management program this year and have only gone down 5 lbs, so I need to increase my movability. It sucks to age. But I keep hearing my grandmothers voice. "I still feel like I'm only 18 in my mind," she told me. She was 77 when she shared that with me.

Two: I attended that confrence, where I did win FIRST PLACE in a contest. You can read my entry on my Substack page ADWL, https://dianaadmire.substack.com/publish/posts Updates to my blog are extra to those of you who land here. Substack is where I do my monthly newsletters. The writing part of life has stagnated after vacation, as I am so distracted with getting back into real life again. My partners Birthday, our Anniversary and getting improvements scheduled at our home.

I wanted to check in with all my Red Hatter friends, Family, Fans and those curious enough to want to know and click on my website. Don't you just hate it when you research someone and their latest blog was 2-3 years ago? 

Anyway, life will go on, as will my writing and my world. Hope yours is going well and drop me a line any time. Always good to hear from readers-Diana