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Diana Day-Admire lives in the middle of the country, and is the middle child of an average family from Missouri. However, she is anything but average or simple, having lived a complex life to find who she truly is. Her works have placed in contests, and she has Indie published two works of short stories and poetry. She is currently working on several novels and short stories while submitting her completed projects to interested agents and editors. Diana writes about unorthodox relationships which are normal for her. Helping the rest of the world relate to them is her passion.

She lives in Independence, Missouri, with her wife of two years, though the couple has been together over thirty.

Diana co-wrote and published a Christmas story with Bold Strokes Books in 2020 and is featured in the MRW anthologies, Kansas City Story. When not submitting to agents and publishers, this AWARD WINNING author, is working on part two of the duology of Dinah Darling, and editing several works in progress (WIP's). Her two Indie published interactive writing books are titled, AdmireD and InspireD.

Everyone deserves a HEA!


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The Angels Within

Dinah Darling thinks she may be broken. She leaves an abusive marriage and goes to the city where she turns magically gay and falls in love with Emily. It’s the ’80s, and being a lesbian in the Midwest isn’t the queerest thing in her life. But falling for a woman who has eight personalities is.

Emily deals with her problems by drinking, but AA...

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Kansas City Story, Vol. II

Kansas City Story, Vol. II, features fictional stories set in iconic locations throughout the sprawling Kansas City metroplex.

Spanning both sides of the Kansas/Missouri border, Kansas City boasts more fountains than Rome, more boulevards than Paris, and lays claim to the title of Barbecue Capital of the World.

Our story tour spans eras and...

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Holiday Hearts

Logan Brady is dreading coming out to her family over the holidays. She’s just lost her job, her life is a mess, and the last thing she needs is to be at the center of her family’s passion for drama.

Mick Finnegan survives on coffee, adrenaline, and one-night stands that don’t complicate her entrepreneurial lifestyle. She doesn’t have anyone she’...

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Latest Updates

June was a busy month for me.... Went to conference, on Vacation, work hell and long story short, life happened. Today I am struggling with several things. One: getting old....

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Spring is coming it’s almost here.

The picture is from last year. I am so excited so see what this year brings.

I have plans to plant elephant ears around the statue of...

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I have had a busy month. Febuary has been crazy, but I did get to spend time with my mom and dad. Bought a new car. Helped make promotional flyer for MRW. And still plugging...

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