The Angels Within

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Dinah Darling thinks she may be broken. She leaves an abusive marriage and goes to the city where she turns magically gay and falls in love with Emily. It’s the ’80s, and being a lesbian in the Midwest isn’t the queerest thing in her life. But falling for a woman who has eight personalities is.

Emily deals with her problems by drinking, but AA meetings are a walk in the park compared to dealing with Emily’s real problem…her dissociative disorder. Dinah has to learn to love all of Emily…all eight of Emily. Instead of “How are you?” when she walks into a room, she must ask, “Who are you?” 

Praise for this book

The main character in this book is gay, and the author does an incredible job of taking us into this woman's life and letting us see and feel the experiences she goes through in finding herself and in loving someone with mental problems. The main character is gay, and that element is enthralling. However, if the characters were not gay, this would still be a compelling, captivating story of human interactions. I laughed and cried and rejoiced with the characters. This is one of the best books I have ever read...and I am a voracious reader.
Once into this book it was hard to put down. It's very hard to imagine how difficult it would be to actually live & love a person with this diagnosis.