Book #2 from the series: Interactive Reading and Writing


Interactive Reading and Writing

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If you like words you'll like this book. Find ways to prompt ideas through nature, emotion, people, time, and places from the insights of Diana Day- Admire. A wonderful tool to burst through writers block.

If you like reading short stories or poetry this too will touch your heart. See things through the eyes of the blind, and find a poem written when the author contemplated the shortest Bible verse known.

With exercises and questions to help, lets read, write and fill the world with words that inspire us all. 

Praise for this book

Diana's little book is a gem. She includes examples from her own life on how to get to the meat of stories and how to emote. While she doesn't outright say it, the reader can tell this author espouses digging into personal feelings before considering the book complete. After all, if the writer can't be moved by her own words, how can the reader? BUY IT!
Great book - the stories and poems are thought provoking. The author allows the reader to express their thoughts and feelings while reading this book. It is an opportunity for the verbal artist to shine through while reading the book.